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Promotional games

Promotional games for businesses blur the line between entertainment and advertising. Acknowledging this fundamental difference can help your business break through barriers to growth and plot out ...

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Casual games

A casual game is a video game targeted at a mass market audience, as opposed to a hardcore game, which is targeted at hobbyist gamers. Casual games may exhibit any type of gameplay and genre. They ...

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Casino games

Casino gaming means any and all Table and Casino-style Games played with cards, dice, or equipment, for money, credit, or any representative of value; including, but not limited to, roulette, black...

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Mobile games

Mobile games are games designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and portable media players. Mobile games range from basic (like Snake on older Nokia phones) to sophisticated (3D...

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A team of top dedicated developers, designers and industry experts to help your business grow. We provide on demand teams for development projects, web development, e-commerce development, app development or any type of development work. For any industry, and complex projects, we provide a full support team to help you deliver results with the latest technology. Make Request >


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