Charting New Territories: The Dynamics of Modern Business Travels You Need to Know


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Business trips constitute a dynamic part of the modern corporate landscape, intertwining encounters with new cultures, challenges, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. In our latest blog, we've decided to dive into the world of suitcases, flights, and meetings to explore how employees perceive business travels to clients. Through their stories, we will learn more about their experiences, the challenges they've overcome, and how these journeys have enriched their professional lives.


We are all aware of how demanding yet thrilling travels can be. We asked our colleagues to share their impressions, experiences, and the lessons they've learned. Will they reveal the secrets to successfully conquering time zones, or perhaps some consider sharing workspace with colleagues on the other side of the world as the key to strengthening team spirit? Below, read their stories, discover what they've encountered, what they've learned, and how business travels have influenced their professional and personal lives. Welcome to the world of suitcases, maps, and business opportunities!

1. How would you describe your experience on business trips to clients?

In recent years, we had the opportunity to visit several destinations, exploring not only business opportunities but also the culture and customs of our partners.


Bergen, Norway: Summer 2022 - Strusshamn Island

Bergen, Norway: Summer 2022 - Strusshamn Island


Our first business trip was to Bergen, Norway, where we had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with our colleagues' newly opened office. This wasn't a typical business trip; we were invited to a summer party on Strusshamn Island. We had the chance to see the devices our colleagues and we work on daily, and the highlight was an unforgettable party on the island.


Krakow, Poland: December 2022 - Christmas Magic
Krakow, Poland: December 2022 - Christmas Magic

The next destination was Krakow, Poland. We attended a Christmas party where we exchanged experiences and ideas with our Polish and Norwegian colleagues. In addition to conferences and workshops at the hotel, we explored the city, visited the Christmas market, toured the Salt Mine, and enjoyed exceptional food. The Christmas atmosphere and energy of Krakow left a positive impression on us.


Bergen Revisited: June 2023 - Island Next to Stord

Bergen Revisited: June 2023 - Island Next to Stord

Our business story continued with a return to Bergen in June 2023. This time, we visited the offices on Stord, and the highlight of the trip was an unforgettable party on a deserted island next to Stord. The island was exclusively reserved for us, and the evening's attraction was jumping into the North Sea. This experience was something we couldn't have imagined, but thanks to our clients, it became a reality.


Each business trip brought us not only business opportunities but also invaluable personal experiences, new acquaintances, and friendships. We look forward to future adventures that await us.


2. What were the biggest challenges you faced during business trips, and how did you overcome them?

Business trips, although exciting, often come with various challenges that require resourcefulness and good planning. One of the key issues we faced during our travels was related to navigating airports during layovers.

For instance, when traveling to Bergen, we had layovers in Frankfurt and Oslo. Layovers can be challenging, especially when you have limited time between flights. On the return journey, we faced a lengthy layover of 7 hours in Frankfurt.


However, through careful planning and utilizing resources like Google Maps, we managed. Frankfurt Airport is a large airport with diverse amenities, allowing us to make the most of our time - shopping, enjoying a delicious lunch, using massage chairs, and taking a relaxing break in the lounge.


During our first visit to Bergen, we encountered the challenge of using public transportation in an unfamiliar city. Learning how to use public transport, finding the right train or station required extra attention. Fortunately, with the help of apps like Google Maps, we navigated successfully and reached our destination.

3. Did you gain new professional knowledge or skills during your travels? If yes, can you specify them?

During our business travels, we acquired numerous new knowledge and skills that enhanced our abilities and enriched our professional experience.


One key moment was working in groups during workshops. Faced with the challenge of tasks related to improving company operations, project efficiency, client communication, and launching new projects, we had to collaborate and work together. This experience brought us closer as we had to discuss daily challenges of remote work in English. We learned how to efficiently put together a mini-presentation within an hour and present it to other teams and colleagues, enhancing our teamwork experience.

team work experience

Guest lecturers also contributed to our professional growth, sharing their career paths, experiences with startups, and key lessons from their successes and challenges. These meetings provided insights into different aspects of business and inspired us to think outside the conventional framework.


Conversations with colleagues were also a source of invaluable knowledge, revealing how others approach work, projects, and daily challenges. Learning about cultural differences and similarities added a dimension of diversity to our working framework.


In conclusion, business travels are not just an opportunity for business meetings but also a source of continuous learning and professional improvement. Through workshops, guest speakers, and interaction with colleagues, we gained knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly have a long-term positive impact on our professional journey.

4. How did client relationships evolve during your travels, and do you believe that travel contributed to strengthening business connections?

Business travels had a profound and positive impact on our relationships with clients and colleagues, especially in a 100% remote working environment. Through the experience of three trips, we realized how crucial face-to-face communication is for building strong business connections.


Remote work can lead to a loss of human touch, and travels have proven to be a key element in restoring that personal aspect.


After the first gathering, it felt like we had known each other for years. Each subsequent trip felt like a natural continuation of the previous one, as if we had been working together in person during the time between trips. These encounters strengthened our relationships and changed the dynamics of meetings. Faces we now knew from the real world gave a completely new dimension to the virtual meetings we had every day.


These experiences affirm the importance of personal interaction in the business world, especially in the circumstances of remote work. Travels are not just an opportunity for business discussions but also a key to strengthening team spirit, increasing mutual trust, and creating lasting business connections.

5. Did new friendships with colleagues or clients develop during business trips? How did it impact your work team?

Business trips are not just an opportunity for business meetings; they are also a source of new friendships that can significantly enrich a work team. During our travels, particularly with the Polish part of the team, strong friendships were built that positively influenced the team's dynamics.


Similarities in age, culture, behavior, and sense of humor quickly formed a connection between us and our Polish colleagues. After the trips, we expanded communication beyond work, followed each other on social media, and discussed social topics unrelated to work. This significantly improved our communication, not only with the Polish team but also with Norwegian colleagues, as we all became more relaxed together.


One of the key factors was the positive and open approach of everyone in the team. Without awkwardness, everyone was ready for conversation, contributing to the rapid establishment of mutual trust. This positive start allowed each subsequent trip to be even more interesting, as we already had a solid foundation of friendship to build upon.


These new friendships are not just a personal gain but also contributed to strengthening team spirit and collaboration. The sense of connection and understanding beyond the work framework improved the work team on many levels, making the work atmosphere more productive and enjoyable.

6. What are your favorite experiences or moments from business travels?

Business travels brought us countless valuable experiences, but some moments are particularly highlighted in my memory.


On the first trip to Bergen, Norway, going out with Norwegian colleagues to a local pub and playing the traditional game shuffleboard were unforgettable moments. We felt the true atmosphere of Bergen, walked through the city, ate traditional hot dogs, and experienced Norwegian culture firsthand.


Exploring the Norwegian islands was a unique experience. Although their's work community is based in Bergen, some team members work from smaller places and use transport ships to reach the office. Evening parties organized on "deserted" islands, be it renovated barns or lighthouses serving as event spaces, created a special ambiance and allowed us to experience the local atmosphere in a unique way.


In Krakow, Poland, we explored the old town, enjoyed the Christmas market, dined in beautiful restaurants, and continued the fun in nearby nightclubs. We also visited the salt mine, took a panoramic tour of the city, and truly immersed ourselves in the richness of Polish culture.


A particularly memorable experience was the third trip to Bergen, where we were fortunate with the weather. During the summer, days are long in Norway, and sunny and warm weather allowed us to make the most of our days in Bergen. After finishing the festivities, Norwegian colleagues kindly allowed us access to the office, where we left our things and spent the next 8 hours exploring the city. Renting scooters allowed us to ride through all parts of the city and catch the sunset on a hill above the city center, creating an unforgettable end to our journey.