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Our Story

Shindiri Studio is a full-cycle development company with vast experience in different industries and technology. We help our clients achieve their goals, by leveraging our long years of knowledge in product design and development and having a go-to attitude to deliver the extra 10% that is needed to complete the triangle of success.

Our company philosophy is to provide value for money for our clients, not take compromises in quality and create long-term relations with our clients. We are thriving to become on the best design and development companies in the world, and to do that we invest in our colleagues, by providing them a safe and inspiring environment to work and competitive salaries.

For a long period of time, Shindiri was a company primarily focused on providing only design services. Graphic and web design was our trademark, and we still honor this by having our own product design team.

Since 2010 we navigated into the development world by creating our first HTML template on Envato™ and started our journey which further evolved into creating WordPress templates and plugins, and earning us the status of Elite Authors on that platform.
Through that journey, which ended in 2017, we have completed over 60.000 sales of our products, and thus paved our future to become a full-cycle development company, which started to use our knowledge to build products, just from than for our clients.

We fastly grew to a bigger number, and our services grew with us. Our creative part remained and evolved to not just design, but also 3D and 2D modeling, video editing and motion graphic design, and our development department spread out to front-end and back-end development, AR and VR development, Smart TV development and specialized software engineering for industries like Fintech, Hospitality and Betting.

Our proprietary services, nowadays also cover QA, consulting and outsourcing, as we offer high quality developers with a great infrastructure, management system and with full transparency and legal protection, which we provide for a number of our clients all around the globe.

Our strength lies in our people, our colleagues and our community that we managed to build over the years, for more years to come.

Why choose Shindiri?

Why work for Shindiri?

Why choose Shindiri?

Reliable partner to deliver high-end design services or develop specific software applications, beside other our services at Shindiri Studio you will find an ideal balance of price and performance - “Value for Money”. We are there during the full life cycle of any software – ranging from the idea for a new software product, design and programming, maintenance, support and further development. The things that separate us from others are:

Serbia is one of the most famous outsourcing destinations in Europe and is characterized by an extraordinary ratio between price and quality, along with the vicinity to the niche markets.

The headquarters of our company is in Nis, a big university center in Southern Serbia. Characterized by long tradition in educating IT experts, and distinctly lower expenses in comparison to other cities in Serbia.

Great experience of the founder and the management of our company in running complex IT projects and application of the highest industry standards.

Professionalism, reliability, dedication, and efficiency.

The highest standards of HR services and great resource database.

Business procedures which allow full transparency and safety.

The best infrastructure.

Negotiation flexibility.

Why work for Shindiri?

If you are looking for a company that can support your career the best possible way, with a true balance of challenges, possibility of education, progress, financial stability, team work, travel, and meeting colleagues from all over the world, Shindiri Studio is the right place for you. The work atmosphere at Shindiri Studio is open for innovation, professional success, mutual respect, outstanding task management and personal progress aligned with professional qualifications and affinities. The things that separate us from the others

Interesting and complex projects using the most contemporary technologies in software development.

Organized corporate surrounding which applies the highest quality standards.

Team work with constant exchange of ideas and experience, possibility of learning from the best, participation in international teams and direct contact with the clients abroad.

Extraordinary working conditions at one of the most advanced IT centers in South Serbia.

Investment in human resources development innovative HR service which constantly cares about the development and the advancement of the career of each employee.

Possibility of travel and continuation of one’s career abroad.

Negotiating flexibility.

Great financial conditions.

As a software company from Serbia we have gathered a team that is capable of stepping up to all challenges on the field of design, web design, VR, development, outsourcing and programming.

So, how can we help you?

If you want to succeed and deliver your objectives on time, drive profitable business growth, increase productivity, delight your customers, have great design and be happy with your work.

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