Smart TV Development

We provide on-demand teams to develop apps for various TV devices and operating systems, such as Android TV, Tizen, webOS, or Roku TV. Our specialty is custom-built solutions for OTT video streaming services and products for stand-alone “smart” set-top boxes for multiple platforms that can deliver your video content to your customers.


Service Benefits

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • User-centric
  • Content segmentation
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Streaming opportunities
  • Great businesses opportunities
  • Reliable and secure payment gateway
  • Content Casting and Voice Commands
  • Multi-device and multi-lingual support
  • Creates a Permanent Bond with Customers

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    Scope of work

    • Tizen
      Tizen is the operating system that powers smart TV sets by Samsung. Tizen is an open and flexible operating system built from the ground up to address the needs of all stakeholders of the mobile and connected device ecosystem. It is based on the Linux kernel and is designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing it to be used on a variety of devices with different hardware configurations. Tizen will continue to expand its ecosystem as market demands and users want to grow, so we all expect more in the future. Our developers, with the proper skills can create another world marvel.
    • Roku
      Variety tools provided by Roku Developers allow our team to code, edit, debug, design, measure performance, and test our product and help us focus on building beautiful, high-quality Roku apps. The Roku SDK allows our developers to create Roku channel apps using the BrightScript programming language. The Roku Channel Store is the official marketplace for Roku channel apps, where developers can publish their channels for users to discover and install. Roku is designed to help developers create high-quality, user-friendly Roku channel apps that deliver a great streaming experience to users.
    • tvOS
      tvOS is the operating system that powers Apple's smart TVs, and is an innovative TV platform that redefines what can be done in the living room. We can deliver incredible and immersive apps on the big screen with amazing tvOS. It is based on the iOS operating system and designed specifically for television use. tvOS includes integration with Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, which allows users to use voice commands to control their Apple TV and interact with apps and games. tvOS is a powerful and innovative platform that offers users a wide range of options and features.
    • webOS
      webOS TV is a developer-friendly platform with powerful capabilities that we convert into creating feature-rich web apps. webOS is made to be developer-friendly, with a range of tools and resources available to help developers create feature-rich web apps that can be used on the TV. The LG Smart TV SDK is a set of tools and libraries that allow developers to create webOS TV apps using HTML, CSS, and JS. webOS TV is a powerful and flexible platform that offers a wide range of capabilities to developers, making it an attractive choice for creating feature-rich web apps for TV.
    • Android TV
      Sony, Philips, LG, and many other major electronics manufacturers are including integration with Android TV into their smart television sets. A plugged-in Android TV box can turn any television set into a smart one. Television is a very particular platform, and Android TV is already gaining popularity and threatening to replace traditional television. The list of applications that can run on it includes streaming apps, games, and much more. Our company has extensive experience creating Android TV apps that allow users to experience immersive content on TV screens.
    • Amazon Fire TV
      Fire TV is Amazon’s streaming media player, with it, you can watch videos, listen to music, and use it for other streaming services. The Firestick is the device that lets you access all of those apps and what Amazon has to offer. When developing apps for Amazon Fire TV, we can choose frameworks and options depending on client needs. Also, we are flexible in choosing a platform of development, and it can be either Android or HTML5 web app. Fire App Builder minimizes dependence on Java expertise as much as possible, but for more deep-level integration, you can build on top of Fire App Builder.
    • OTT Development
      Over-the-top (OTT) platforms have become increasingly popular as they allow users to stream a wide variety of content, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries, on demand. OTT platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions, and they do not require users to install any special equipment. Our team creates high-definition (HD) and even 4K resolution content, which provides a more immersive and visually appealing viewing experience. OTT platforms have revolutionized the way we consume entertainment.
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    Dell hospital

    The Dell Healthcare Interactive 3D Hospital of the Future is a virtual tour showcasing the latest advancements in medical technology and infrastructure. Sponsored by Dell, the experience offers a seamless integration of Dell devices and solutions within the healthcare environment.

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