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Shindiri provides on-demand teams for developing projects in any industry niche. Engage our team of creative minds and extraordinary engineers to boost your business to the maximum. We set up dedicated teams to help you deliver results with the latest technology. Our professional development team of engineers understands business logic, uses well-proven agile practices, and follows a client's objectives to develop and deliver perfection.



  • Cherry-picked people for your needs
  • A compatible and cohesive teams
  • Engineers with proven soft & hard skills
  • Easy integration into current or future teams 
  • FTE dedication for your projects and needs
  • 100% dedicated remote personnel members 
  • Speed, quality, experience and expertise
  • Cost efficiency
  • Shindiri carries out all the process
  • Complete HR, legal and management logistic
  • Colossal office space, equipment, corporate culture
  • Highest industry standards in technical and organizational terms
  • Polished workflows and know-how to delegate, execute and deliver

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Who are those people ?
      Our team members analyze requirements and then design, build, and test software applications that satisfy clients' needs. Our engineers are not only focused on the specific task at hand, but they can take a long-term view of the entire project and the tasks as a whole. They transform unorganized coding efforts into a software engineering discipline and always strive for perfection.
    • What are the client's legal obligations?
      Our legal team will cover all paperwork to ensure that both parties are legally covered and protected. Once signed, a legally binding agreement promises each party successful business realization. Our company motto is: business is done only when all parties in the business chain are utterly pleased.
    • What is the dedicated team members' seniority?
      Many companies rate employees' abilities based on their seniority, by the principle: the older they are, the more knowledgeable they are, but that doesn't apply much to software engineers. Technical knowledge is independent of the age or seniority of the professionals, so you can give us the technical tests and do the interviews with the suggested team members to measure and determine our engineers' level of knowledge and capabilities.
    • What is a time and material model?
      The time and material (T&M) model involve payment for each personnel member's time and effort in development. Also called "Classical Outsourcing ", "Dedicated team" or "Pay per hour "business model. It is flexible and capable of adapting to any changes. Payment is made monthly based on actual work performed.
    • What Is a Dedicated Team model?
      A dedicated team model (DTM) is a team that works remotely on a client’s project in order to significantly reduce a product's time to market, cost effectiveness and improve the client's business processes. Our team can be an independent team or can be an extension of the client's team under our framework and management.
    • How to reduce operating costs?
      In-house workers need office space and equipment. The list of expenses doesn’t end there. Hiring additional in-house specialists entails providing healthcare and other corporate benefits, payroll taxes, and increases the need for management and HR specialists. The ability to eliminate these additional expenses is of paramount importance that Shindiri covers.
    • Why outsource software development projects to a third-party company?
      The ability to lease good remote teams is essential as never before. In-housers can create and adopt a new work model that outsourced specialists have already mastered. Speed and quality are one more advantage of dedicated models. Dedicated teams can speed things up by bringing their experience and expertise and quickly adapting to new requirements.
    • What is the benefit?
      Benefits of a dedicated team model start with the cost efficiency. Hiring a dedicated team is usually much cheaper than recruiting in-house specialists, especially in another country where development costs are much lower than in, say, in the rest of the European countries or US. It's a great chance to reduce HR costs and slash the overheads that would be involved if you were to hire new employees.
    • What is experience and expertise?
      When you outsource a dedicated software development team, your project acquires professionals who have the necessary skills and professional expertise. Quite often, our teams have already completed projects similar to yours. As a result, we can give you helpful advice and consider the tiny details you could have missed. Working together for some time, we will establish polished workflows and know-how to delegate, execute, and deliver tasks.
    • What is the advantage?
      Choosing a Dedicated Team for your future software development projects is faster and much cheaper. But, as you know, finding the missing experts, interviewing them, and individually incorporating them into your business plan is challenging. If your project is going to grow in the long term, which requires constant attention, a Dedicated Team is exactly what you need.
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