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Let your Business stand out with exceptional branding identity. From logos, brandbooks, stationery, to b. cards and even your email templates. Our hands-on-team of experts can enhance the way your market sees your brand, and help attract the right client to your business.


Service Benefits

  • Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd
  • Attract and Keep Customers interested
  • Increase sales & Market positions
  • Create Customer Loyalty
  • Makes You Memorable
  • Makes your company look bigger
  • Increase the worth of the company
  • Enables Growth and Conveys Stability
  • Builds Loyalty & Trust
  • Shows Commitment and Personal Pride
  • Brand Recognition Builds Trust
  • Brand Identity Supports Product Launches

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    Scope of work

    • Logos & Logotypes
      Brand yourself with a new logo that is both memorable and professional. A logo generally involves symbols, stylized text or both. There are two main logo categories: icon-based logos and name-based logos. Logos are created by graphic designers in consultation with a company and marketing experts. As a key part of an organization’s identity, a logo must communicate the brand essence of a company, and is meant to be long-term as it is intended to become familiar to customers and promote brand loyalty. Our artist designs logos which reflect the image and the vision of your business.
    • Corporate Stationery Design
      Stationery provides an important first impression, especially when it goes directly to clients and prospects. Stationery is a broad term that encompasses business cards, envelopes, letterheads, labels, postcards, flyers, brochures, and other similar marketing emissaries. All of which, when designed professionally, can prove pivotal in making your brand shine. High-quality, matching stationery gives off a professional and polished vibe that highlights your business standards. That’s why we offer a corporate stationery design service, to help you create the right message for your business.
    • Brand Book / Book of Graphical Standards
      A manual for your brand. Brand book is a map that illustrates how your brand’s visual identity is built and a simple guide to how to use it. Every brand book includes a detailed description of a brand’s visual identity and general rules of use. It describes what can and cannot be done with its logo, identity, and communication. A well-designed brand book is a useful tool for various contractors: branding studios, graphic artists, web designers, and marketing agencies. A well-developed brand book is nothing but profit for your business, it ensures smoother, more efficient work for your partners and contractors.
    • Pre press & digital
      The “pre-press” is used to describe the process of preparing digital files for a printing press, making design ready for printing houses. In the prepress phase, your design is converted into completed artwork and ready for printing output through a process called the RIP (raster image processing). Your images are separated into four colors and output onto four metal printing plates, one plate for each of the colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). A digital prepress machine accepts information electronically to transfer your files onto paper while on press.
    • Package Design
      Your product doesn’t just have to be great – it has to look great too. “Judging a book by its cover” is fully applicable in package design. With custom packaging design from Shindiri Studio, you’ll have packaging that matches your brand and sells your product. We have a strong working knowledge of print and industrial design. Package design can make or break a product launch. Packaging design communicates directly to consumers, which makes it an extremely valuable marketing tool. Every box, bottle and bag, every can, container, or canister is a chance to tell the story of a brand.
    • Brochures, Books & Catalogs
      We are focused on creating informative, professional design to help you to sell your product or service, as well as beautiful imagery that helps illustrate and draw in more customers. What matters the most to us as designers when designing brochures or a catalog is to establish harmony between the text, pictures and colors. That harmony of the design provides an adequate company presentation for print and online editions. A catalog and brochures presents your overall line of products or services you offer to your customers and need to be designed by top standards.
    • Posters & billboards
      Posters and billboards have been relevant for a very long time, despite the emergence of many different other methods of information. Posters and billboards are advertising products for mass companies and informational support for existing products and products. If you are going to invest your hard-earned money in a massive, high rise advertisement, you want to make sure it’ll be a success. To find your story, you take the key message and give it meaning: it could solve a problem, or evoke an emotion, or fulfill a need to send a message to your clients.
    • Magazine & newspaper ads.
      Magazine and newspaper ads design have one basic rule, keep it simple. If you're having a hard time finding the company to create your design, here at Shindiri Studio you have an ideal team of experienced designers. We will help you to create effective and structured ad design. Font size needs to be consistent throughout your design. Finding the right images and fonts are essential. Sans serif font is typically used for headings, serif font is usually used for body text. Using signs and symbols that are significant and recognizable to your consumers.
    • Signage, stands & trade show displays
      Trade Show Displays are tools for showing your company brand and advertising your products. They are used in trade shows, conventions, and business conferences. Even though digital and virtual events, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. If you want to lower your costs, don’t compromise with your booth and displays. A trade show display has to be created with regards to the target audience and needs to have impressive graphics. Create eye-catching visuals that draw attendees in, fresh graphics and updated paneling or displays draw potential clients’ eyes.
    • Social media ads, banners & graphics
      Without a doubt, visual communications can help grow your business and social following. In the fast-paced digital world, images are a great way to catch a customer’s attention. Graphics can be used online in many different ways to help promote a business and engage with customers. Creative designs can help set your brand apart from the competition and make your social media presence more attractive to potential customers. A professional design working on your posts can mean the difference between increasing or struggling to grow your social following.
    • Annual reports & directories
      The design and layout play a crucial role in helping to get that information across. The target audience of an annual report is usually mainly shareholders, people who want to find out how well the company is performing. Annual reports are also read by potential investors. As with any design project, knowing the audience is important in getting it right and creating a successful design. While an annual report fulfills a company’s legal obligations and is a repository of accurate financial information for shareholders and stakeholders it can also be used as a marketing tool.
    • Event & spaces branding
      Like a company brand, event branding is made up of many elements including a logo, website, app, marketing materials, stage design, and event swag. The key to a well-attended event is to make your branding cohesive and recognizable, because a consistent design for branding has been seen to increase revenue. Event branding is capturing the essence of your brand and giving it its proper due in your event marketing campaigns. This can be done both through digital branding: event websites, event apps, event VR tours, and through onsite branding: event booth, swag, promo materials etc.
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    Our team developed a VR app for Ferrari enthusiasts that offers an immersive driving experience on two tracks - Monza and Yas Marina. Using advanced VR technologies such as real physics engines, 3D graphics, and haptic feedback, the app provides a realistic feel that mimics the actual driving experience.

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