3D Modeling

By using specialized 3D modeling software, our 3D artists can create incredibly realistic models of the things we see in our everyday lives. While 3D design can be a beautiful art form in itself, from video games to architecture, we’ve all likely benefited from 3D modeling technology.

3D Modeling

Service Benefits

  • Agile and Sustainable
  • Easy and Flexible Prototyping
  • Enhanced Visualization
  • Quick Fixes and Remodeling
  • Greater Control and Flexibility
  • Boon For Marketing
  • Better Communication
  • Increased Efficiency & Improved Accuracy

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    Scope of work

    • NFT
      Our company’s talented 3D artists, modelers, and animators are ready to take on any size and complexity of the NFT project. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are often used to represent ownership of digital collectibles. NFTs 3D models allow clients to monetize their work and give collectors the opportunity to own a unique, digital version of a 3D model artwork in a blockchain technologie. OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare are platforms that allow our clients to easily sell their NFTs, and also provide a marketplace for collectors to browse and purchase unique digital assets.
    • Animation
      3D animation is our passion, used in a wide range of apps, including: movies, TV shows, commercials, video games, and more. Our 3D animation workflow: Planning and storyboarding: creating a rough outline of the animation, including the plot, characters; Modeling: creating the 3D models for the animation; Texturing and shading: adding colors and patterns to the models; Rigging: setting up the bones and other internal structures to control the movement of the models; Animation: adjusting the movement and actions of the models to create the desired effect; Rendering: generate of the final animation.
    • Game Design
      We offer state-of-the-art 3D game design services on a wide range of game types and platforms. Our team is made up of professionals with a passion for gaming, with a strong understanding of game design principles and a combination of artistic and technical skills. Development of characters, environments and gameplay mechanics. Our 3D animation workflow: Develop a concept; Create a design document; Build a prototype; Implement gameplay mechanics; Test and iterate; Launch your game on platforms like Steam or the App Store, and continuously support your game.
    • Product Design
      Our creative team creates prototypes of a product's appearance and function, detailed models and physical products. Develop a concept; Create a design brief: information about the product's intended use and desired features; Create a sketch or prototype: a visual representation of your product and allow you to test and iterate on your ideas; Create a 3D model: the final product; Test and iterate: gather feedback to make improvements; Create manufacturing drawings: that specify the materials, tolerances and other technical requirements for your product; We provide ongoing support and maintenance.
    • VR / AR / MX
      We offer a variety of services such as architectural, interior, and exterior design, product design and development, as well as photorealistic 3D visualizations for all major industries. We create a fully immersive 3D environment or virtual worlds, which includes AR / VR for gaming, training, and other types of interactive experiences including: education, entertainment and marketing. MX, also known as mixed reality, combines elements of both VR and AR to create a hybrid digital-physical experience. In MX, users can interact with both virtual and real-world objects in a single environment.
    • Metaverse
      3D modeling is a key component of the Metaverse. We create virtual environments and objects, products and brands in a 3D way that feels realistic and immersive inside VR and Metaverse. We use 3D modeling to create virtual spaces, characters and objects rendered in real-time, using real-time rendering technologies, which allows users a wide range of creative and interactive possibilities to experience the 3D models in a way that feels lifelike and interactive. Smooth and realistic movements and other dynamic elements are an essential component of the virtual worlds that make up the Metaverse.
    • Low Poly
      Low poly modeling is a technique that our artist used to create 3D models with a low number of polygons. This technique is often used to create stylized, simplified geometric shapes, or abstract models to achieve the desired aesthetic. One of the main benefits of low poly modeling is that it allows our designers to create models that are less resource-intensive and easier to render for use in real-time applications, such as mobile video games or virtual reality experiences, where performance is a key concern. By using low poly models, the GPU on any device is able to render the models more efficiently.
    • Custom Modeling
      Custom 3D modeling involves creating 3D models that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a project. We can create models from scratch, adapting existing models, or combining elements from multiple models to create something new. From Polygonal modeling, NURBS or more stylized or abstract modeling, to Sculpting which is often used to create detailed and organic models, overall, custom 3D modeling is a versatile and powerful technique that allows our artist to create a wide range of 3D models for a variety of purposes and needs of our clients.
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    Our team developed a VR app for Ferrari enthusiasts that offers an immersive driving experience on two tracks - Monza and Yas Marina. Using advanced VR technologies such as real physics engines, 3D graphics, and haptic feedback, the app provides a realistic feel that mimics the actual driving experience.

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