Want to WOW Your Users? Then Check Out These 6 Free UX/UI Design Courses


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Are you thinking about being an UX designer and you do not have spare money for University classes? Internet is full of free or paid resources you can use to learn. We made research all around the web and found free online courses for UX designers, interesting blogs and freebies. Learn and start your career as a designer.   
1. Hack Design

Hack Design offers you free lessons from the world best designers. In each of them, designers share articles, videos, slide decks, tutorials, simply everything what influenced them and helped them to understand design. 50 lessons will teach you everything you need to know to start as a designer. Good deal, right? If you are not sure, which tools you need to install, check out toolkit and suggestions of other users.

2. Tuts+

Welcome to the world of tutorials. Tuts+ offers you plenty of courses for design, web design, code, business. Majority of them are paid, but you can find also free courses. In category of web design you find Bootstrap 3 for Web Design, Web Form Design and Development, Preparing WordPress Themes for ThemeForest and 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS. Paid courses cost 25$ each or you can subscribe per year.

3. Open 2 Study

On Open 2 Study you can enroll to free online course User Experience for the Web (WebUX). In 4 modules you will learn about user experience, what factors influence design and how to balance all requirements, something more about usability evaluation techniques and the importance of branding, accessibility online and knowing your users. Course consists of videos, quizzes and assessments.

4. Vector Diary

Vector Diary offers free Illustrator Crash Course. In 4 weeks you will go through all essential Illustrator tools and at the end you will be able to draw illustrations and create logos. Are you up for 30 days Illustrator challenge?

5. UI Cloud

It’s not a course like previous ones, UI Cloud is the largest UI database in the world. Search for elements you need or upload yours and share it with the rest of the world. UI cloud is perfect place for you to get feedback on your job.

6. UX Magazine

Great source of up to date articles from professionals in this area. Follow the newest trends and never stop learning. UX Magazine also offers sources such as e-books, presentations or software. If you are eager to start UX job, you can browse in database of jobs.

As you can see, you do not need to be millionaire to get access to valuable information and resources. Start designing now and let us know, which course you liked the most. We are glad if our blog helped you to get oriented. Follow us on your favorite social network and don’t miss our blogs and updates.